VAT Services

ELFS combines best practice shared services solution design with its knowledge of the complexities in the NHS.

We always aim to deliver a suite of services tailored to the clients need. Client service requirements can be individually selected from the ELFS services menu. A summary of the key services included in the Service Level Agreements and how to access the Framework are listed below.

ELFS provide checking and reconciliation routines to ensure accurate reporting and timely recoveries:

  • VAT returns completed and submitted to HMRC
  • Internal VAT specialist for queries and advise
  • Monthly checking and control of items both under claimed and over claimed
  • EU adjustments calculated
  • Co-ordination of reviews by both our in house consultants and other external consultant organisations
  • Year end deadline co-ordination to ensure minimal loss of VAT reclaims due to items not complete under the amended regulations
  • Correction of COS coding errors identified
  • Info provided for HMRC compliance visits. Visits can be held at ELFS
  • Monthly VAT control accounts reconciliations
  • Reversal of ‘out of time’ postings to ensure compliance upheld
  • All necessary postings to ledger completed
  • Capital analysis provided by external VAT consultants for claim by ELFS
  • Liaison with both internal and external auditors providing information where necessary