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With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we are committed in delivering high-quality, cost-effective NHS Payroll Services. An NHS Payroll Provider based within the NHS

About us

As a leading provider in NHS Payroll Services, we combine best practice of shared services solution design with our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering NHS Payroll Services at a cost-effective price. Our payroll services are successfully delivered to over 100,000 NHS employees across our NHS clients every month ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time.

We offer clients a supplementary pay run in addition to our monthly service, to reduce the waiting time for payments and reduce the need for advance payments which has proved popular across all our clients.

In addition, we offer a weekly payroll service. We understand the need that staff may need to be paid more regularly and clients need to reduce agency spend, so this option may provide an alternative solution.

Should your employees need a faster payment outside these options, we will support by ensuring that the payment is made in a timely manner with the required adjustments or recovery made.

We work in partnership with our clients building a strong working relationship and in putting our customers at the heart of what we do. Our scope, scale and subject matter expertise makes us your perfect choice in Payroll Services.

Quality and knowledge

Correct payments to staff is important, without this staff would get distracted from the main focus of their job. Therefore, we aim to provide ‘right first-time accuracy’ of 99.50% based upon our teams’ inputs.

Our payroll staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable on ESR and all aspects NHS Terms and Conditions, Statutory legislation and Pension legislation and any locally agreed Client terms and conditions.

Our staff are fully trained by our dedicated training officer, and we are passionate about staff development and growing our talent. We understand that quality and accuracy are paramount and encourage our staff on continued learning and development.

As an NHS organisation, we provide an outsourced Payroll model based upon a typical Trust ‘in house’ Payroll Office service.

Each Client Trust has a named Payroll Client Manager and Payroll Team Leader who become the direct contact for your Trust HR & Finance leads.

Our Client Managers are supported by a team of Payroll Officers and support staff that are allocated specifically to your Trust, providing a more personal touch.

Additionally, we provide our clients with an online, web enabled dashboard which enables you to graphically view all salary advances, BACS Recalls, Overpayments and pay queries on a monthly basis to monitor KPIs.



At ELFS we understand value for money and therefore continuously look to improve our services. We ensure that our clients have access to our people and expertise whilst also expecting a robust, resilient and accurate service. Our Payroll Improvement Manager acts as a ‘champion for change’ and is driving forward improvements and new initiatives by better use of technology, automation, and by the standardisation of our processes ensuring resilience whilst enhancing the quality through the user experience and service excellence.


Got a query – We’ve got you covered!

Our Payroll Portal allows you to raise and track enquires 24/7 to suit you and fit around your work and personal life. Its secure, flexible and easy to use and contains a FAQ section and more key information.

If you still need that personal touch, ELFS offer a dedicated Payroll helpdesk service contactable via telephone and email.


Interested in our services?

If you wish to receive a cost proposal, we would be delighted to hear from you. We are on the Countess of Chester Payroll Framework so services can be procured via this method.

our services