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AW8 retirement

application form

Please read before continuing…

In order for your request to be processed please ensure you have the following information:-

  • Assignment Number (this can be found on your payslip)
  • Date of Retirement (as agreed with your Manager)
  • Managers Email Address
  • Managers telephone number (external dial)
  • Please note that some fields are mandatory and you will not be able to submit your request unless completed.
  • For data security reasons it is strongly recommended that you use your NHS email account
  • Please also refer to any retirement policies your employer may have in place to ensure compliance.
  • Once submitted your Pension Application form will be issued to you along with information to assist completion, how to return the forms to us and supporting documents needed to process your pension application.
  • An indication of your expected benefits can be found on your Total Reward Statement via ESR Self Service and a calculator is available on the NHS Pensions Agency website for those staff taking Voluntary Early Retirement

Your forms will be issued by email to the address supplied

About you

DD slash MM slash YYYY
Are you are taking partial retirement/draw down?(Required)

Manager Contact Details