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Ask Accounts Payable FAQs

We know that every minute you are trying to contact us is time taken away from your job and therefore we have devised some FAQs to assist you with some responses.

Click here for a list of all invoice addresses.

To view information on all invoices for any of ELFS’ clients, please register for our supplier portal. This is very simple and completely free of charge.

Using our supplier portal you can view the status of your invoice with any of ELFS’ clients, download a copy remittance advice, chase an overdue invoice directly with the approver, online statement reconciliation tool and raise more complex queries. It also enables us to notify you immediately if there is a dispute with your invoice and allows you to provide any missing information directly via the portal to enable faster processing of your invoice.

If you haven’t received a remittance advice for the payment, please visit our supplier portal where you will be able to view and download this information to enable invoice allocation.

Please register for our supplier portal where there is up to date invoice information which will answer many of your queries. If you have a more complex query which you are unable to resolve, you can raise a query to ELFS directly via the portal and you will receive an incident number by return, ELFS will then provide updates and resolve your query.

Overdue invoices can be instantly chased directly with the person responsible for approval via the supplier portal, alternatively a query can be raised via our portal where we will then chase the approver on your behalf.

Please raise a query via ELFS supplier portal for this to be investigated and resolved.

If you do need to request a call back, then please complete the link below and we will endeavour to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Request a call back