Accounts Payable FAQs


Accounts Payable Q and A

Q: When will I receive payment for my outstanding invoice?

A: Please click here for a summary of payment dates for ELFS’ clients. For further information on the status of any outstanding invoice, please register for Ask ELFS AP supplier portal.


Q: Where do I send my invoice to?

A: Click here for a list of all invoice addresses.


Q: Have you received my invoice?

A: To view information on all invoices for any of ELFS’ clients, please register for our supplier portal.


Q: I have received a payment – which invoices does this relate to?

A: If you haven’t received a remittance advice for the payment, please visit our supplier portal where you will be able to view and download this information.


Q: How do I contact the ELFS helpdesk to resolve my query?

A: ELFS supplier portal will assist you to self-serve many of your queries. If you have a more complex query which is not resolved via the portal, here is a list of our contact details for each of ELFS’ clients.


Q: I have not received a response to my query within acceptable time-frames – what do I do next?

A: Please contact ELFS helpdesk and quote your query reference number and request the query be escalated. Escalated queries are reviewed and responded to within 24 hours, providing the initial query has exceeded our resolution timescales.


Q: My invoice is overdue and has not yet been paid – what action can I take?

A: Overdue invoices can be instantly chased directly with the person responsible for approval via the supplier portal, alternatively a query can be raised to the ELFS helpdesk who will then chase the approver on your behalf.


Q: I have been paid an incorrect amount – how do I have this rectified?

A: Please contact the ELFS helpdesk who will raise a support query for this to be investigated and resolved.


Q: What does the supplier portal allow me to do?

A: Using Ask AP, our supplier portal, you can view the status of your invoice with any of ELFS’ clients, download a copy remittance advice, chase an overdue invoice direct with the approver, update us with