• "ELFS continually deliver an efficient, high quality and innovative shared service solution. They have provided good, cost effective support to the Trust since 2002 and have remained flexible in their approach throughout."

    Jonathan Wood, Director of Finance, East Lancashire Hospitals Trust

  • "ELFS Shared Services delivered the project on plan an to budget. They handled with minimal disruption the complexitiesof migrating two Foundation Trusts simultaneously"

    Stuart Hunter, Director of Finance and IT, Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch NHS Foundation Trust

  • "This is the first shared service arrangement the Service has ever entered into so it has been a very important and considered decision. We will be working very closely with ELFS and Advanced to ensure a smooth transition and long-term success"

    Amanda Cant, Deputy Director of Finance, London Ambulance Services Trust

  • "The main benefits of automated expenses system is the speed of reimbursements to claimants, the lack of paperwork and the ability for staff to be able to access the system to update their claims from any location."

    ELFS Client Comment

  • "ELFS Shared Services have been both efficient and professional in creating a seamless migration of services; the workflow solution offered has negated any location issues. We have seen marked Improvements with Key Performance Indicators."

    Andrew Hopkins, Director of Finance and Deputy Chief Executive, Norfolk & Suffolk Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

  • "Our transition to ELFS Shared Services was handled in a very efficient and professional manner. Support has been excellent and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with them."

    Annette Capper, Head of HR, Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust

  • "Just a note of appreciation for a job very well done in the transition from in house to ELFS Shared Services, if I'd have known it could be done so smoothly I would have done it years ago."

    Tony Whitfield, Director of Finance, Salford Royal Foundation Trust

  • "ELFS Shared Services provides highly professional and innovative financial services that respond to the needs of the Trust."

    Peter Hoyle, Acting Director of Finance and Information, Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

  • "The support provided by the whole ELFS team during the time of transition and PCT closedown is a testament to the professionalism, the can do attitude and the very high standards that they set themselves as a service. Thank you very much for your support."

    Kirsty Hollis, Deputy Chief Finance Officer, NHS East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group

  • "ELFS Shared Services have provided an efficient shared service solution since April 2012; they remain responsive to all our needs and have ensured the transition of our services was professionally delivered."

    Andrew Goodwin, Deputy Director of Finance, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • "ELFS highly professional support and expertise ensured that the transfer of our payroll and pensions service was not only effectively managed but also enabled us to improve and transform our internal processes and capacity. The first few months of working in partnership with ELFS has already brought benefits to the Trust in terms of payroll accuracy, reduced error rates and savings."

    Lisa Ward, Head of Human Resources, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

NHS Pensions FAQs

NHS Pensions

We have a dedicated Pensions team that supports and maintains on-line records on the NHS Pension Scheme however for the NEST Pension Scheme and Scottish Widows please go to the useful links heading on this web site. We alsodeal with estimates, refunds, added benefits, retirement benefits and employee queries.

Did you know that belonging to the NHS Pension scheme not only provides you with a tax free pension savings for your retirement but also provides life assurance and family benefits cover?

If you want to know more or you have any other questions then please view the frequently asked questions on this page which may answer your queries.

It is very important that NHS Pension Scheme members keep their address details up to date; more so at present as pension events such as Annual Allowance require us to correspond directly with members on a more frequent basis. If you have changed address or think that the details we hold for you are incorrect then please let NHS Pensions know. You can do this in several ways:

  • Tell your employer and they will update their records
  • Via our contact page and selecting the change of address option in the menu.
  • Alternatively, you can print off and complete this form and send it to NHS Pensions

For any further information please visit the NHS Pensions website: www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/pensionsor follow this link to obtain a NHS Pensions Scheme guide http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Documents/Pensions/SD_Guide_(V15)_online_10.2015.pdf

The NHS Pension Scheme changed for new entrants and existing staff without protection from 2015 for further information please see: http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Documents/Pensions/2015_Members_Guide_(V3)_online_11.2015.pdf

NHS Pensions have developed a comprehensive tool Ask us which can be used by all to ask questions about the NHS Pension Scheme. Follow this link http://contactcentreservices.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/selfnhsukokb/AskUs_Pensions/template-group.do

NHS Pensions - Frequently asked questions

1. I want to retire on my NHS Pension -what do I do?

Contact ELFS Helpdesk, approximately 4 months before your intended retirement date

2. How do I get an NHS Pension forecast?

Contact ELFS Helpdesk and request the appropriate estimate. Occasionally these requests need to be passed to NHS Pensions for calculations, and can therefore take up to 2 months before receipt.

3. How do I apply for ill-health retirement?

Contact your manager and Trustís HR Department to collectively request incapacity application forms from ELFS Helpdesk.

More information regarding ill-health retirement can be found on the NHS Pensions fact sheet

4. I want to opt-out of the NHS Pension scheme. What do I do?

The 2014/15 Opt Out Calculator is available on the NHS Pensions website at http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Pensions/4202.aspx to help members who have expressed a desire to leave the NHS Pension Scheme make a decision.

If the member decides to opt-out they are required to complete form SD502 and sign a declaration confirming that they understand what they are giving up. Copies of form SD502 can be downloaded from the NHS Pensions website at: http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Pensions/4115.aspx

Complete form SD502 and send it to ELFS Shared Services, Viscount House, Commercial Road, Lancashire BB3 0FG

5. Can I have a refund of NHS Pension contributions?

A refund of pension contributions can only be actioned if you have less than two years pensionable service in either 1995 or 2008 sections. If this is the case you can download form RF12 from the NHS Pensions website and forward to ELFS Shared Services.

6. I have another pension -can I transfer that to the NHS Pension scheme?

It is possible to transfer monies or service from another pension scheme into the NHS Pension within 12 months of joining the NHS. Contact ELFS Helpdesk to initiate a transfer pack. All forms are completed without obligation, pending receipt of a transfer value from NHS Pensions.

7. I require a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) for divorce -how do I obtain this information?

Please download forms PD1and PD2 from the link below and forward to ELFS Helpdesk so that pay details can be added by ELFS. All links relating to NHS Pensions and divorce issues are below:


Where you will find the following forms

PD1 - Pensions on Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnerships Application Form

PD2 -Pensions on Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

PD3 - Valid from 4 January 2011 Pensions on Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

POD Notes - Notes for Pensions on Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Schedule of Charges Ė 2014/2015 and Schedule of Charges - Valid from 1 April 2015

Booklet TV47POD- Information for people who intend to divorce or dissolve a civil partnership

8. What happens if I am in the NHS Pension Scheme and die in service?

A lump sum of twice your annual pensionable salary becomes payable to your spouse civil partner or nominee. In addition a survivor pension and child benefits may be payable depending on your circumstances. For more information the fact sheets from the NHS Pensions website can be found at:


9. How do I make a pension nomination?

You can nominate someone to receive NHS Pension Scheme death benefits by completing the appropriate form below. Please note any existing nomination would have to be replaced by a new one if circumstances change. (E.g. A member, who was single and nominated a third party to receive the life assurance lump sum, subsequently meets and marries someone else.)

DB1 - Death Benefit Nomination for membership that ended before 1 April 2008

DB2 - Death Benefit Nomination for membership that stated or continued from 1st April 2008


PN1 - Non Registered civil partner/married partner nomination


NOM1 - Cancelling an existing Nomination please click on link below


10. Can I make an additional payment to my NHS Pension?

Additional payments can be made to the NHS Pension Scheme by following the options and links below.

Additional Pension Calculator

Additional Pension FAQ's

For a Half Cost Added Years factsheet see the link below:


11. How can I protect my pay for pension purposes?

SM R9 Members App - An Application form together with a managerís letter (stating reason) needs to be provided for members to apply for Protection of Pay or Voluntary Protection of Pay. For more information please see the following link


12. If you have a query on Annual Allowance or Lifetime Allowance

Please refer to the NHS Pension Website http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/4200.aspxor to your own independent financial adviser. ELFS cannot provide financial or taxation advice.

13. How much will I contribute to my pension?

Follow this link to the NHS Pensions Cost and Contribution page http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Pensions/4207.aspx

14. Can I calculate my own pension?

Please follow this link to the NHS Pensions memberís calculator page http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Pensions/4202.aspx

15. Can I draw down my NHS Pension without retiring?

No, not if you are a member of the 1995 section of the NHS Pensions scheme

Yes, if you are a member of the 2008 section of the NHS Pension scheme more information can be found by following the link below


ERRBO Early retirement buy outbonds 2015 scheme members only http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Documents/Pensions/ERRBO_factsheet-20150623-(V5).pdf

ERRBO application form


Further information

If your question has not been answered, please visit the NHS Pensions website for further information.

Alternatively you can contact ELFS Helpdesk by telephone on 01254 732014, by email to elfs_helpdesk@elht.nhs.uk or through our website at http://www.elfsnhs.co.uk/